Brink Hands On Impressions

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Wow, what can I say about Brink? One of the most hyped games from last years E3. I got to play a mode called Very Objective. The point of Very Objective was to complete different objectives while encountering enemy fire. The controls were very easy to adapt to; R1 to fire, R2 to crouch, Triangle to switch weapons, basic stuff.

Something that seemed a bit off to me was the amount of bullets it took to take down a enemy. Not sure if it had anything to do with the difficulty setting but it would take a few rounds just to take a guy down. Also enemy AI seemed a bit wonky. When I would shoot a enemy a few times it would take a few seconds for him to realize I was clapping him.

I was playing the best console version which was the PS3. So it surprised me when the colors seemed a bit washed out. This was not the same game I seen in all the trailers and clips online for months. This game came from being the best looking thin in E3 2009 to something very average. Not bad, but average. The art style is definitely unique but not enough to escape my opinion.

The game still was fun regardless. If your a fan of shooters you will most likely love this game. Otherwise I don’t see it being anything another group would like. I was only presented with this game mode, but look out or a full review later when this game is closer to release.

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