Did You Buy Lost Planet 2?

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This past week on the sidebar we have been asking all our readers if they copped Lost Planet 2. The poll has ended and I have the final results right here. 110 people voted in total, and only 11 people (10%) said that they copped the game. Let’s face it, it’s had pretty stiff competition these past two weeks. 12 people (11%) said they have not bought it yet, but they plan to soon. The remaining 87 people (79%) simply said that they didn’t purchase the game, and obviously they have no plans to in the future.

So there you have it. Many of our readers here at The Koalition do not feel the need to buy Lost Planet 2. Which is a shame for Capcom, but I am sure that their Super Street Fighter IV sales will more than make up for it. There is now a new poll on the sidebar, so be sure to cast your votes in our polls and let us know what you think.

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