Earthworm Jim HD – XBLA Trailer

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One of the characters we’ve been dying to see again is Earthworm Jim. He’s a fun characters doing crazy moves, dealing with crazy enemies, and gets himself in to crazy wacky situations. You might already know that developer, Gameloft, is bring Earthworm Jim back to our consoles via Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

Earthworm Jim is getting the high-definition treatment, much like Perfect Dark and Bionic Commando. Not only is he making a return in HD, but Gameloft is throwing in a multiplayer mode. Looking at the new XBLA trailer, it looks like a co-op mode. The game will also include new exclusive levels, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the inclusion of a jet-pack grandma and keyboard cat. Gameloft seems to be capturing that level of humor and fun that we would expect in an Earthworm Jim game.

No word yet on when exactly the game will be released. Until then, feast your eyes on the trailer below:

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