Gearbox Software Takes Over Duke Nukem Forever

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The wait for Duke Nukem Forever may soon come to an end. 2K Games has officially confirmed that Gearbox Software, the studio behind Borderlands, are taking over Duke Nukem Forever. The game is expected to be out next year, and is being shown off at PAX 2010.

If you remember correctly, Duke Nukem Forever was announced way before the last decade even started. 3D Realms were developing the game, with 2K Games owning the publishing rights to the game. In 2009, 3D Realms terminated the development team behind the game, leaving Duke Nukem buried for good.

God knows how much money was spent on developing Duke Nukem Forever. Almost three generations of consoles passed while the game was in development. Financially, it’s no surprise 2K games is still moving forward with this game, but honestly, I didn’t think it would happen. And props to Gearbox for having the courage to takeover a project that is long awaited and treasured by gamers.

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