Hulu On Xbox 360?

Ahh, I Love the smell of E3. Gear Live is reporting that Hulu will come to Xbox Live and will be announced at E3 during the Microsoft media briefing. They have what everyone who puts out a rumor claims: “a reliable source.” But this news is great, a service like Hulu on Xbox 360 will beef up its media attributes against the current media king PS3. Let’s hope it is not gimped on certain shows and features. Wait, what am I saying. If this is going to be on Xbox Live chances are we will not be able to see everything. Which brings up my next concern.

With the good comes slight bad. The rumor is stating that it will come with a……..fee. You knew it was coming. Now, I’m expecting this to be feature rich. If not, what are we paying for? How much will this fee be? If true, how will this effect the console wars? I want to know what you guys think

[Gear Live]