David Hayter Speaks on Canceled Metal Gear Solid Movie

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Video game movies seem to be the next big thing in Hollywood. Logically the biggest games could make the biggest movies with the best soundtracks, but they will also have the most complications. This is evident in the case of the Metal Gear Solid movie. Solid Snake’s voice actor David Hayter recently spoke to MTV’s Movies Blog about the MGS movie and why it doesn’t exist today. Perhaps Kojima was too busy with Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker or overseeing Metal Gear Rising. Either way, the theme and story of MGS is one I hope to see on the big screen before Metal Gear Solid 5 comes out one day. Check out some of David Hayter’s thoughts on the movie below:

“They’ve been trying to work out a deal between [creator Hideo Kojima] and [Sony],” he said. “A couple of years ago, a producer friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in doing the adaptation. And I said ‘Of course. I know it pretty well.’ I think I can say without contradiction that I know it better than any screenwriter on the planet. I’ve said every word that Snake has said. So I felt well-qualified.”

A script was written and submitted and the wheels started turning. So what happened? Hayter isn’t completely sure; everything he knows, he’s heard secondhand. I hesitate to report those details, other than to say that the plans derailed, at least in part, due to political reasons on Konami’s (the game publisher) side.

Hayter added, “On top of that, I don’t believe they were ever able to successfully close a deal between Mr. Kojima and Sony. This is all just stuff I’ve heard.”

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