Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer- Undercover Cop Mode

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This is the third multiplayer video out of four from Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Each time a see a new trailer the game looks better and more exciting making want to pick up the first installment and play through it before the sequel hits stores August 27th. The Undercover Cop mode in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is the Fragile Alliance mode, but with a twist, one of your allies picked at random will be an undercover cop who has infiltrated the alliance.

Each round will pick a new undercover cop who has to stop the heist and prevent you and your teammates from escaping, however he cannot make his move until the crime of stealing the four million dollars in cash has been committed. So if your not carefully and backstage any of the alliance members it could give the undercover cop an easy victory, because when he kills a member of the alliance he isn’t listed as a traitor like someone who isn’t the undercover cop. This mode looks fun and enjoyable and I’m sure gamers will love it lets just hope headsets are turned of for this mode, because if one member is killed by the cop then he can tell the other players who killed him spoiling the mystery of who is the undercover cop?

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