Little Big Planet 2 Gets Release Date And Pre Order Bonuses

Attention Sackboy lovers (I really don’t mean for that to sound the way it does); Playstation blog has today revealed some new details about Little Big Planet 2, including the release date. You should be happy to know that Little Big Planet 2 will arrive (on this planet) November 16th. Not only that but Playstation Blog also revealed that there will be pre-order bonuses available through various retailers. The pre-order bonus’s will include exclusive Sackboy costumes with special Disney/Pixar and Insomniac designs. It doesn’t end there either; there will also be a special collector’s edition which features a 7 inch Sackboy, a game holder and a whole load of Sackboy costumes for use in the game all for $79.99. It’s a Little Big Planet 2 overload that is sure to have even A.B Frasier over excited. Below is a list of the few pre-order costumes on offer. – If you’re a fan of the Ratchet & Clank franchise (who isn’t), you’ll love this. Pre-order at and get 6 Sackboy costumes including exclusive access to Ratchet & Clank costumes from the ever popular Ratchet & Clank franchise. In addition to the exclusive 2 costumes, you’ll get four new “Animals” costumes, for a total of 6 costumes.

BestBuy & – All together now…”the claw!!!” We’ve partnered with Disney & Pixar to provide the exclusive “Aliens” costume for BestBuy pre-orderers. We can already imagine the number of uses you guys will use this costume combined with the new Sackbots feature. And be on the lookout for more characters thru an upcoming Toy Story 3 DLC in the near future. Plus the 4 costumes from “Even More Animals”

GameStop & – Are you as excited for the release of TRON: Legacy as we are? If so, head on over to GameStop and pre-order to get the exclusive *Clu* Sackboy costume from Tron: Legacy. Be the first to have this costume and hold tight for more TRON: Legacy costumes later this year. And again, you also get the 4 different “Even More Animals” costumes.

AND MORE TO COME! – Stay tuned as we announce more pre-order programs like this special DLC package including one of our favorite Muppets – GONZO! There’s no doubt you’ll have fun exploring the many areas in LBP2, with bent nose and all. And keep an eye out for more Muppets costumes shortly after launch via the PlayStation Store.

Below is the contents of the collector’s edition of Little Big Planet 2.

* A copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 – duh.
* Your own little “Sackboy” – 7” of plushie-goodness for you to accompany you on your journey thru LBP2.
* Exclusive LBP2 “game ends” – keep your PS3 games in a tidy, organized and ‘Sack-ured” within these unique bookends
* One stop shop for exclusive DLC + more – regarding in-game content, the LBP2 Collector’s Edition comes packed with 11 different pre-order costumes, including:
o Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 3’s “Aliens” Sackboy Costume
o Disney’s TRON: Legacy “Clu” Sackboy Costume
o The Muppets’ “The Great Gonzo” Sackboy Costume
o PlayStation’s “Ratchet” Sackboy Costume
o PlayStation’s “Clank” Sackboy Costume
o Even More Animals’ “Crocodile” Sackboy Costume
o Even More Animals’ “Vulture” Sackboy Costume
o Even More Animals’ “Cobra” Sackboy Costume
o Even More Animals’ “Mandrill” Sackboy Costume
* And exclusive to the LittleBigPlanet 2’s Collectors Edition:
o PlayStation’s “Jak” Sackboy Costume
o PlayStation’s “Daxter” Sackboy Costume
o 5 exclusive LBP2 PSN Avatars – Lastly, complete your PlayStation experience with a new identity on the PlayStation Network with these new avatars.