Man Aims To Game 24 Hours For Charity

Steev Douglas is aiming to game for 24 hours straight to raise money for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital. So far he has earned £250 pounds from people kind enough to donate to him for his efforts. You can check how hes getting on yourself from the Ustream link below, and you can even donate if you feel like it. So can he manage to game for that long? He plans to play a range of different games, right now he is playing Rockband. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Final Fantasy XIII Steev.

In case you were wondering, Playstation 3 is his console of choice at the moment.

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Donation page.

P.S: There is a possibility that Steev is really Hydro(James G). #InsideJoke1
P.P.S: Props to Mr. Kennedy. He also told me to tell Ruthlesskid to do a 24 hour gaming session on the PS3 for charity. #Insidejoke2

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