MGS: Peace Walker Contributes To Konami Profit Jump

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This one is sure to add fuel to the fire on the current region debate going on in our previous Co-op podcast article right now. Although Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker didn’t receive an outstanding amount of sales in the US within its first month, worldwide sales of the game have contributed to a significant profit jump for Konami. Together with Pro Evolution Soccer, Peace Walker gave Konami a $4 million jump over last year’s profit margin for Q1. For Q1 2010 Konami have successfully earned 1.27 billion yen which translates to $14.3 million. That’s a 244 percent jump from last year’s 367 million yen ($4.26 million), which is pretty damned good for Konami. So although Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker didn’t exactly wow in the NPD’s, Konami are still laughing to the bank. I am sure they are giving Kojima a huge pat on the back as we speak.

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