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Playstation Mini’s Hit One-Million Sold Milestone

Since their arrival with the launch of the PSPgo late last year Sony PSN Mini’s have accumulated one million sales worldwide. Sure 85 titles selling a total of 1 million copies may not seem impressive but considering most Mini’s are merely overpriced iPhone apps the fact that they all haven’t completely bombed is a shocker. So which ones are the most popular? Thankfully the Official PS Blog has compiled a list of the top selling Mini’s to-date, the absence of Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is particially heartbreaking.

01) Age of Zombies
02) Monopoly
03) Fieldrunners
04) Zombie Tycoon
05) Bloons
06) Spot The Differences!
07) Pinball Fantasies
08) Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
09) YetiSports: Pengu Throw
10) BreakQuest

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