Project Natal Event To Feature Cirque du Soleil

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For those out of the drum loop. Microsoft will be holding a separate event for Project Natal on the Sunday evening before the big press briefing Monday morning during E3 week. The event won’t have cameras allowed which got many to speculate something was wrong with Natal. Not once did people assume that maybe Microsoft wanted to wait till the bigger briefing the next morning? Ohh, you didn’t think of that one right? Still up for speculation regardless, it’s valid. But I just received the email this morning to expect a spectacular performance from Cirque du Soleil.

So….who the hell is Cirque du Soleil? Forgive my ignorance, but I’m pretty sure many of you had any clue either. But they are well known from the reaction and the urgency on Microsoft’s behalf to announce it. Below is a clip I scooped on Youtube, it gives us a preview on what to expect.

Excited? Kind of weird to have such a high profile performance with no cameras. Wouldn’t it be funny if Natal messed up midway through? Instant classic.

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