Random & K-Murdoch Present: Forever Famicon

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Random teams up with K-Murdoch to bring another video game themed album. This time instead of using Mega Man samples the album focused heavily on sounds from the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I been listening to the album all last night and its fire. With gamers looking to make video game themed music they often fall into that cheesy category. Nothing on this album is cheesy, follow in Randoms footsteps when going this route. Random I have Track 2 “Forever” on repeat, shoot a video for this.

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The marriage between video games and hip
hop is one that seems to be the exception to the 70% US failure rate, as the
two have been going strong for some time.

Raheem Jarbo, known as Random or Mega Ran, and Kyle Murdock, known to
hip-hop purists as K-Murdock, have joined forces to create “Forever
Famicom,” a full length album utilizing samples from 8 and 16-bit games from
the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES consoles.

“This was one of the most fun projects I had ever done,” says Jarbo. “Kyle
and I have so much in common.” “We wanted to create a project that pays
homage, and at the same time exhibits creativity and innovation, and I think
we’ve done that,” adds Murdock.

From performing on stages at home to traveling to festivals such as
Comic-Con, SXSW and more, the duo plans to pluck the nostalgia bone in all
of us. The 14-track album features samples from such classics as Metroid,
Secret Of Mana, Kirby’s Adventure and of course, Mega Man. After all, the
Blue Bomber is what started it all.

Jarbo released Mega Ran in 2007, an album sampling the classic Mega Man
video game series, and made significant waves, even signing a licensing deal
with Capcom. Almost simultaneously, Murdock’s group Panacea released Ink is
my Drink, an album that gained high marks from hip-hop reviewers for its
jazzy, organic feel and raw approach. Murdock heard Mega Ran and reached

“It was a natural marriage, him on the rhymes and me on the beats,” says
Murdock. Mega Ran was such an unexpected success, because it was original,
it was conceptual, and best of all, it was dope.”

The duo plans to support this release with a tour of the states, and maybe
even a sequel, featuring Nintendo’s biggest rival from the 80’s and 90’s.
Stay tuned, the game’s not over yet.

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