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Rockstar Games LA Noire Is “like real-world detective work”

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In an Interview with EDGE Magazine Rockstar Games VP Jeronimo Barrera shed a little more light on the LA Noire title. He also said the magic words most casual gamers want to hear when Rockstar is talking about a new game they are making. I bolded it in red so it can stand out:

“We’ve kind of gone for a different approach which is more like real-world detective work.

“Even though you could say it’s like GTA because you have this open city you can run around in, it’s paced completely differently. To us that’s what we have to sell: ‘Look, it’s not super-high action like GTA, though there is action, but it is as compelling because of the interactions the characters are having.”

The interview also suggested the game would require smarts. I’m loving this title now, based off this post alone. Games that make you think. Rockstar still believes they are taking a risk with this style and genre the game exists in. Its never worked out, and if LA Noire would be a hit it would be the first. Coming this Fall, be on the look out.

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