The Poll Data Is In: Will God of War III Influence You To Buy A Playstation 3?

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God of War III is now available at stores in the US, and this past week in our poll we have been asking you all the question “Will God of War III Influence You To Buy A Playstation 3?”. A week is up and now it’s time to analyze the data. A whopping 479 of you voted, and 309(62%) of the voters say they already own a Playstation 3. Great to see that the majority of you have already embraced the purchase of the system. Interestingly though, 104(21%) of you say “No”. Which means of those who do not own a PS3, the majority do not feel the urge to purchase a Playstation 3 system for the game. Only 84 of you say “Yes”, meaning only 17% of our voters are actually influenced to purchase the system for God of War III.

Time will tell how well the game does, and if it will be a system seller. For now, take part in our new poll on the side bar. Have your say!

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