The Last Story Battle System Revealed

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The latest update from The Last Story development blog introduces us to the ‘Order and Chaos’ battle system. From the concept art in the blog it seems that the battle’s will be in the middle of a war and the player will need to use the disrupted order and chaos to their advantage if they want to survive. The battle system includes different features such as “Gathering ” an ability to steal the enemies attention, and the “Pointer” feature where an ally can sneak through the battle field unseen by the enemy by lines on the field to guide their path.

The producer states in the blog that strategy is needed in order to succeed meaning that the battle’s will not be an easy walk in the park “In the same battle in the game, the orderly movement allies, should be the key to attracting the victory”. In order to win the battle the characters need top work together on the battle field utilizing the ‘Gathering’ and ‘Pointer’ features. At the end of the producers’ post he does mention that the key to victory is to create chaos, because somethings will be overlooked which is important for the player to capitalize on.

The battle system in The Last Story has been described as turn-based/real-time. Each character will presumably have their own turns to input the commands, but the events will happen in real-time, however players can stop time to input commands. The battle system sounds similar to the one used in Eternal Sonata, but heavily modified. Mistwalker have said in the blog that they are working on the battle system and the battle system has come about after much trial and error. The Director states another element of the battle system being ‘Magic circles’ that I believe activate different magic abilities such as fire recovery and many unnamed ones each of them different.

Like the Final Fantasy 13 battle system where stratergies can change in battle this can happen in The Last Story where the player can change the AI instructions to work better with allies in battle. This battle system looks promising and i hope we get to see this new battle system in action soon E3 maybe?

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