EA Bringing A Full Digital NBA JAM Experience To XBL And PSN

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The revival of the NBA JAM franchised hit the court last year but not as planned. NBA JAM was not only suppose to be a retail game for the Wii but also was to be an extra in the package for the Xbox & PS3 versions of EA’s new vision of an NBA Sim game NBA ELITE 11.

Well that vision never got off to great start in court, the game was canned after a disaster of a demo which showcased the now famous Jesus Bynum glitch and many other problems. So to compensate EA still wanted to deliver a game for the ps3 and xbox, so they rushed out a retail HD version of NBA JAM which while it delivered the experience it still lacked features and other aspects to make it a complete experience.

EA however today has announced that they are going to release a more full packaged version of NBA JAM, with a digital version named NBA JAM:On Fire Edition for XBL & PSN, EA states that they listened to the feedback they got and will try to deliver the best experience this year with new AI and online roster Jam Arena online mode, Road Trip online co-op campaign, also Tag Mode and Team Fire.

“EA Sports continues to support this iconic franchise through a new digital download and we’re taking everything fans loved about the original and adding a host of new features,” said producer Trey Smith. “We’ve listened to all of the feedback from our fans and we are driven to deliver the very best NBA Jam experience to date.”

“more NBA superstars, legendary NBA players, over-the-top animations, Jam challenges, secret teams, and unlockable characters than ever before.”

You might be wondering why are they going in like this for NBA JAM?, well they also announced that this year no new NBA Sim is coming out, so like last year NBA JAM will be the only NBA IP EA will be pushing, expect their return to the NBA Sim genre in Fall 2012 they didn’t state if it will be the return of ELITE or LIVE.


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