Eidos Releases Just Cause 2 Death Map

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Not I don’t mean a DLC map pack. Operations manager at Square Enix and Eidos Jim Blackhurst has created a fun video showing where the 11.3 million player deaths have occurred in the game. However you managed to die the map shows the data on this map; it’s insane that so many deaths have been logged that the dots even show in game structures. Now all we need are a couple compilation videos showing off exactly how the deaths came about. That would be as much fun as playing the game itself.

It’s mindboggling how the total of all these instances can create such a map, especially when you see that the dots that represent impact death can form some of the larger structures involved in the game’s missions. How do so many people die of impact 10 meters above the ground?

The video also shows how players either explore very little off the beaten track, or simply don’t die as much if they do. It’s nice to see plenty of deaths surrounding the flying night club though; I think we all contributed at least a few deaths there.

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