How Hideo Kojima’s Promotion At Konami Could Benefit Him

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Congratulations are in order to Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima who has been promoted to corporate officer for Konami. Kojima joins executive producer of PES Shinji Enomoto in being one of the top executives of the company. This move will not affect Hideo’s role at Kojima Productions, but one can imagine the benefits the promotion will give Kojima when producing his titles. Currently Kojima’s production company is working on Metal Gear Rising, an unnamed Devil Project and an unannounced NGP title. He has also hinted at starting work on Zone of Enders 3 after Rising is complete.

How This Could Benefit Kojima

So how could this move benefit Kojima I hear you ask? Let’s explore some possibilities on how this promotion will help Kojima make his productions even better for fans like me. So besides Hideo’s pockets being fuller here is a list of things I think will benefit Kojima.

  • Bigger budgets for titles. Bigger budgets lead to better quality games.
  • More control over the development cycle, without Konami butting in or trying to change things.
  • The ability to make the decision on which platform to develop on.
  • Control over release dates and push backs.

Hideo Kojima already had a lot of power within Konami. He seemed like the kind of guy who Konami trusted to do his thing, so they just relaxed and let him take his time. This promotion seems to entail that Konami no longer need to give Kojima the ok on certain things.

Let us know what you think of the promotion and of course leave your congrats for Hideo Kojima.

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