L.A. Noire To Feature Nudity, Over 5 Hours Of Cutscenes

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With only a month left until the release of L.A. Noire, Rockstar games and Team Bondi are starting to reveal more details about the gameplay experience. had reported that during Pax East 2011, the studio confirmed that the actual campaign would last anywhere from 25-30 hours. This time length doesn’t include the unassigned cases or pre-order bonus investigations, which will all become DLC add-ons at some point and time. Earlier today, revealed that a current screening by the British Board Of Film Classification earned the game an 18 rating. Here are a few details on their findings:

The BBFC passed the game with no cuts made, inclusive of its five hours, 12 minutes of non-playable cut-scenes.According to the ratings body, the title also contains a further three hours, 25 minutes of ‘supplementary gameplay footage.It reports that the title: “Contains very strong language, strong violence, sex references and nudity.

Rockstar has stated previously that this game will deal with very serious subject matter, which is why the rating given isn’t a surprise. The hours of cutscenes will emphasize the motion scan technology that the studio is praising as the future practice for game companies. My only hope is that the length of these cutscenes keeps the action compelling enough so that people won’t lose interest. Are you guys cool with the 5 plus hours of cutscenes? Do you think this has the potential to be on par with Metal Gear Solid 4’s cutscenes? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

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