Marvel V.S. Capcom 3: Four Characters That Should Have Made The Roster

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After being announced during Capcom’s Captivate event back in April of 2010, Marvel V.S. Capcom 3 has been building uncontrollable momentum toward it’s February release date. Fighting fans everywhere have been secretly picking and choosing their team members from the lengthy list of 38 characters. Just in case you missed it before, here is a look at the confirmed roster:

Marvel characters Capcom characters
Captain America Akuma
Deadpool Albert Wesker
Doctor Doom Amaterasu
Dormammu Arthur
Hulk Chris Redfield
Iron Man Chun-Li
Magneto Crimson Viper
M.O.D.O.K. Dante
Phoenix Felicia
Sentinel Hsien-Ko
She-Hulk Jill Valentine (DLC)
Shuma-Gorath (DLC) Mike Haggar
Spider-Man Morrigan Aensland
Storm Nathan Spencer
Super-Skrull Ryu
Taskmaster Trish
Thor Tron Bonne
Wolverine Viewtiful Joe
X-23 Zero

While this list is intriguing and many other characters are expected to make cameos, you can’t help but wonder what if a few more combatants were thrown into the fray. This article will elaborate further on these ideas and serve as possible considerations for inclusion in future sequels of the series. Do you agree with any people on this list? Can you think of any other characters that deserve to be in the game? Feel free to leave your comments and ideas below.

4) Bishop

With every new release of a Marvel fighting game, X-Men fanatics get their choice of favorites like Wolverine and Storm. Even notable characters like Cable and Gambit found their way onto Marvel V.S. Capcom 2. With that being said, I think its time we see other mutants like Bishop or Beast make their debuts. Bishop has the ability to absorb and release radiant energy through his hands. These attacks alone combined with the option of using your opponents powers against him or her, could make for some truly dynamic battle sequences.

By the same token, having someone of superhuman strength, and speed abilities such as Beast, could add a whole new element to defeating an opponent. Diverse characters like these two rarely get the attention in big fighting titles like this. Adding them would not only create an even more diverse cast, but would also introduce the duo to a legion of new fans while also satisfying the hearts of old ones.

3) The Punisher

Another one of Marvel’s flagship franchises, The Punisher has seen several reboots in the form of both films, and comics. With a highly volatile character like Frank Castle, vengeance could also serve as his primary motive on the battlefield.

When you add in the fact that Capcom includes Resident Evil regulars Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker, this makes the Punisher’s absence more questionable. Having a lighthearted character like Deadpool is a fair trade off, but balancing that with Frank’s brutal survivalist persona could make for a very intriguing showdown with Wesker.

2) Apocalypse

Easily one of the most powerful and feared of all mutants, Apocalypse has yet to make an appearance in this franchise. The same can also be said about the X-Men films in general, which have been lacking the major villians necessary to push the franchise forward.

The last time Apocalypse appeared in a game was in the Marvel Super Heroes V.S. Street Fighter title. Considering the existence of dangerous bosses like Galactus and Thanos, I would think that adding Apocalyse should be an automatic given and push the whole team combat strategy to a whole new level.

1) Carnage

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be making an appearance in his 3rd Marvel V.S. Capcom game alongside a cast of others. While Venom will be absent this time around, I’m starting to wonder if Marvel will fully invest in the idea of introducing Carnage to the series.

Still to this day, I recall Marvel’s lackluster Maximum Carnage game specially because they failed to make Carnage as lethal as he is in comics. Adding him to a roster that already full of sadistic foes would only raise the bar higher for the heroes, while giving spider-man a personalized villain to contend with.

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