DJ Hero Series Gets Canceled Along With Future DLC Plans

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Guitar Hero and True Crime: Hong Kong were not the only games announced to be scrapped during Activision’s investor conference call yesterday. It is now known that DJ Hero is going to the gaming graveyard and beyond March, there will be no new DLC for DJ Hero and Guitar Hero games.

Activision’s reason to for getting rid of these games is simple; the money wasn’t coming in. They plan to take their losses and invest new cash into products that gamers want. Personally, I think this could be a good thing and the money will be used to make the Call of Duty series a franchise of unquestionable quality. That or they will keep the same formula for the next 5 years and have COD join Guitar Hero and DJ Hero in the dark abyss.

P.S. Tony Hawk games canceled too, but that should have happened 5 years ago.

Source: Joystiq

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