Mixtape Download: 2Pac – 15 Years On: A Tribute To Tupac

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This mixtape has been nine months in the making. DJ James Kennedy has poured his heart into creating this ultimate tribute to Tupac Shakur, dropping 15 years after his death in 1996. It’s a double-disc mixtape, disc 1 is titled “Teardrops“, and Disc 2 is titled, “Closed Caskets“. See the full track listing and download link below.


Disc 1 – Teardrops

01 Intro
02 Hellrazor (ft. Stretch) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
03 Fake Ass Bitches (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
04 When Tupac Died – Marlon Wayans [Interlude] (DJ Cvince Instrumental)
05 Thug Style (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
06 Homeboyz (ft. Young Noble) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
07 Thug N U Thug N Me (ft. Jodeci) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
08 When Tupac Died – Jada Pinkett Smith [Interlude] (DJ Cvince Instrumental)
09 Ni–az Nature (ft. Lil Mo) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
10 Never Call U Bitch Again (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
11 Sucka 4 Luv (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
12 Can U Get Away (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
13 When Tupac Died – Snoop Dogg [Interlude] (DJ Cvince Instrumental)
14 Fuck ’em All (ft. The Outlawz) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
15 Henessey (ft. E.D.I. Mean & Sleepy Brown) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
16 Old School (Reminisce) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
17 Initiated (ft. Tha Dogg Pound & The Outlawz) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)

Disc 2 – Closed Caskets

01 Only Fear Of Death (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
02 Don’t Go 2 Sleep (ft. Tha Dogg Pound) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
03 Don’t Fuck With A Killa (ft. Ray Dogg & Freddie Foxxx) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
04 Wrongful Deaths [Interlude]
05 Holler If Ya Hear Me (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
06 Locked Up (ft. Akon) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
07 When Tupac Died – Notorious B.I.G [Interlude] (DJ Cvince Instrumental)
08 Po Ni**a Blues (ft. Ron Isley) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
09 Smile (ft. Scarface, Maxwell & Johnny P) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
10 My Block (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
11 Thugz Mansion (ft. Nas) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
12 Happy Home (ft. Jon B) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
13 When Tupac Died – Eminem [Interlude] (DJ Cvince Instrumental)
14 Don’t Stop The Music (ft. Young Noble & Kastro) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
15 Lie 2 Kick It (ft. Richie Rich) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
16 When Tupac Died – Afeni Shakur [Interlude] (DJ Cvince Instrumental)
17 My Life (Mr. Kennedy Mix)
18 Hold On (Be Strong) (Mr. Kennedy Mix)

James Kennedy

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