New Music: 50 Cent – I’m On It (First Single From New Album)

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In the past 50 Cent has had some great and some not-so-great singles, however his latest single “I’m On It” is definitely his worst single yet!

This joint first leaked late last week but we neglected to post it based on the assumption that it was discovered by some hacker whilst digging through 50 Cent’s recycle bin. However it has since been confirmed that not only is this song fairly recent, but Fiddy actually intends to shoot a video for it and make it the lead single for his upcoming album.

Featuring lines such as “LaDeeDaDee, We Like To Party” and  “I’m A Vet Yo, My Neck Glows”, one can only assume that the “it” 50 is talking about during  the hook is Class-A drugs.

Hopefully this premature leak will force Curtis back to the drawing board…

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