Ridge Racer: Unbounded Teaser Trailer

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Namco has literally unbounded the Ridge Racer games with their new game in the franchise. Ridge Racer games have always seem like they were bounded in a generic look and feel. In this new game Ridge Racer:Unbounded it looks like Namco are giving the series a whole new look and placing it in the urban jungle of New York City.

The Ridge Racer game’s gameplay have always been fun, the drifting action always intense but the visual style needed to be changed and from the looks of it that’s exactly what Namco have done. Also seems like you will creating your own destructive path, how does doing Ridge Racer’s well known drifting style through a wall sound?. Take a look at the teaser trailer and leave your thoughts, Ridge Racer:Unbounded comes out in 2012.

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