Rumor – New Nintendo Console May Be Named “Feel”

According to an article on Game Informer, they have discovered via a site called and then translated here by a user on the neoGAF forum, the name for the new console could be “Feel.” Personally, this sounds pretty bad if it is true. I am a much bigger fan of maybe just naming it “Nintendo HD.” For example: The second NES system was just called a Super NES, after that was the Nintendo 64 (both just describing advancements in technology and power) then they went with Gamecube, which was okay and now the Wii which just sounds silly. The codename of “Revolution” was great, it is unfortunate they did not stick with that last cycle. Naming it something like “Feel” that hints at gimmicks again is probably not the route Nintendo should be taking and is not much better than “Proejct Cafe.” Maybe “Feel” is just another codename?

Apparently, the name comes from the technology in the touch based controller design. The new technology is explained by the original source on

Haptic technology is a form of tactile feedback used to simulate the experience of touching different objects shown on screen. The player can move their fingertips across a surface and clearly feel the difference between soft, smooth or rugged textures.

What do you think? If this is the new name, are you okay with it? Let us know below!