Sony Claims They Have Sold 50 Million Units Worldwide

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In the wake of last night’s NPD’s Sony released a press release announcing that they have sold 50 million Playstation 3 units overall. Sony’s specifically mentioned that, as of March 29, PS3 has achieved a “sell in” unit sales number of 50 million worldwide. Now this number could be numbers shipped and not actually sold, but either way it’s a great number for them to put out.

They also mentioned that their motion peripheral Playstation Move has sold 8 million units as of April 3rd. Move launched in September 2010 in North America, Europe and general Asia, and in October 2010 in Japan. This is also a great number for Sony to achieve, even though rival Microsoft has sold more Kinect units.

In addition, more than 480 million units of PS3 software has now been sold worldwide. Sony also added that PSN now has 75 million registered accounts and operates in 59 “countries and regions” around the world.

Let us know what you think of these figures.

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