Spider-Man Time Travels In First Trailer For Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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We were all pleasantly surprised when Batman: Arkham Asylum turned out to be a great game. Ever since then, I’ve been hoping that same thing could happen with a Spider-man game. The web-slinging hero is my personal favorite superhero, so each year I shed a tear when a new Spider-Man game is released. It looks like this year is no different with Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time is once again being developed by Beenox, the same team behind last years Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. I wasn’t too impressed by Web of Shadows, although it wasn’t the usual train wreck I expect from a Spider-Man game. Today, we have the first look at the new game in the way of a trailer and a set of screenshots. I am not looking forward to this game. It looks like they’re using the same resources from the last game. And even though I find Spider-Man 2099’s look to be badass, its just not where the focus of a Spider-Man game should be.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time is set for a Fall 2011 release. Be sure to check out the trailer and screenshots below; and let us know what you think.

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