The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC ‘Reverie’ Coming This Month

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If you were like me and other gamers who enjoyed the Mercurysteam/Kojima Productions brand new vision for the classic Konami IP Castlevania, full of epic level design, constant variety and fun action gameplay lasting about 20+ hours, concluding in what has to be one of the best endings this generation.

Then get ready for more Gabriel Belmont action, as today Konami have revealed the date for the Castlevania: Lord Of Shadows DLC titled “Reviere” is coming March 30th, it is first of two planned DLC packs. Konami detailed that the pack is about three stages and connects into the next DLC pack. The pricing for the Gabriel Belmont adventure is 800 MSP on Xbox 360 and $10 (€7.99/£6.39) on PS3.

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