Dragon’s Dogma Expansion and New Modes Announced

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Dragon’s Dogma is a really great game (you can check out my review here,) and it sold well enough for Capcom to start work on a sequel. Thankfully, there is plenty more Dragon’s Dogma on its way! Capcom announced today that not only is it getting an official content expansion named Dark Arisen, but it is also getting two new game modes.

The first of two free game updates on their way before year’s end is Speedrun mode. In this mode it challenges players to complete certain objectives as fast as possible, rewarding them with ingame prizes like equipment. The second is a much requested Hard mode. Functioning as the polar opposite of the recently released Easy mode, it will challenge players like never before. They’ve even made a separate trailer just for these new game modes, you can check it out right here!

There are no real details on the expansion yet, but check out the teaser trailer above for a peak at the expansion. As always, make sure to comment and let us know what you think! For more information in the future, keep an eye on The Koalition and the Capcom blogs!


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