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Versus Episode 2: Bethesda Vs. Bioware – Who Makes Better Games?

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David and I both love our role-playing games, we even host a podcast together that focuses completely on the genre. But there is one question that has been asked by many gamers over the past year. Bethesda or Bioware, which company makes the best games? We decided it would be fun to put this subject up for debate, and thus we did with the help of Edward V., who is this week’s moderator.

We are both huge fans of each company and their main franchises, but we had to put our love for the companies aside and argue with cold hard facts. So expect a very interesting episode of Versus, with a completely new 3 round structure.

Be sure to let us know who you think won, and what you think about Bethesda Vs. Bioware yourself.


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