Take A Look At Some Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gameplay

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Here is around 13 minutes of Mass Effect 3 multi-player gameplay taken from the recently released demo, which I’m sure you are aware is available to download now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC via Origin. What you may not know is that buyers of Battlefield 3 will also get early access to the multi-player found in the Mass Effect 3 demo, which as it happens I have.

The whole early access thing is tied to you redeeming your Battlefield 3 online pass or buying Battlefield 3 from Origin on PC. If you bought the game used and never bothered to get an online pass, you will have to wait until Friday to experience Bioware’s first attempt at making a multi-player game mode set in the Mass Effect universe. Anyway enough of this jibba jabba. Hit the play button and enjoy the video.

p.s Switch to 1080p for the best possible picture quality.

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