The Secret World’s First Beta Weekend Details

The upcoming MMO from Funcom (which you might be familiar with from their other games like Anarchy Online, Bloodline Champions, or Age of Conan) is set in a unique modern-day setting with a deep level of character progression and freedom. The game is set to officially release this summer on June 19th, but over a million gamers are set to play in this coming weekend’s first beta event. With so many gamers ready to play at this stage, prospects are bright for the success of this game.

With three different societies your character can align with, a totally free-form system for character progession without levels or classes, a vibrant modern setting, and a detailed story unlike most MMOS; The Secret World is shaping up to be something you should definitely keep an eye on.

For more information about the beta weekend visit the official site for the game, and Gamespot is currently giving away beta keys if you have an account at this link, but they won’t last long. The beta is set to run from 9AM PDT tomorrow, May 11th, until midnight PDT Sunday, May 13th. 

Keep an eye on The Koalition after this weekend for beta impressions and future details on the game. Also, be sure to check out the Pre-Order trailer for the game above, and be sure to comment below and let us know what you think!

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