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Swiff Epics, Krypt & Snot Boogie – Out of Order (Koalition EP 1st Single)

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Those of you who listened to the previous episode of The Co-op Podcast heard our announcement of our Koalition EP dropping on Christmas day. Out of Order is the official first single that we’re putting out for our loyal listeners to enjoy. So in case you haven’t heard the song already, hit the play button above.

Out of Order features Swiff Epics, Krypt and Snot Boogie (real names not stated for legal purposes) going back to back highlighting their displeasure in today’s Video Game industry. The song uses the beat from Game’s Jesus Piece bonus song “Holy Water”.

Out of order artwork
You may hear a few references to some of the other smaller sites we associate with, but don’t take it as a diss. Video Games are fun and this Koalition EP is all about helping gamers remember the fun side of gaming and video game journalism as a whole.

The Koalition EP is set for release on Christmas Day. So don’t be alarmed when you find Santa sat by the TV with milk and cookies on Christmas morning bumping our EP and playing Call of Duty, we have a bad influence on people. Stay tuned for more snippets from the EP before the big release day, and be sure to check out our upcoming podcasts.

We definitely want to give a big shout out to Mr. Kennedy who has had the strongest patience in editing our EP together. The amount of times he’s had to re-edit our songs due to our material being dangerously controversial is astounding.

Are you offended, or put off by Out of Order? Or perhaps you have some crucial feedback? Then leave your comments for us below.

Disclaimer: The Koalition holds no responsibility over any damages occurred as a result of the release of The Koalition EP. Please send all hate, cease and desist, and death threats to GAS Media LLP.

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