Throwback Thursday: Fu-Schnickens ft. Shaq – What’s Up Doc?

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Fu-Schnickens are this week’s choice for Throwback Thursday with their song “What’s Up Doc?“. This song was released as a single for their 1994 album “Nervous Breakdown” and featured none other than “Shaq Attack” Shaquille O’Neal.

Fu-Schnickens were a rap group from Brooklyn and was composed of Chip Fu, Moc Fu and Poc Fu. “Fu” stood for “For Unity” and “Schnicken” was a made-up word which meant “Coalition”. Something tells me that this site won’t be re-named no matter how cool that would sound.

If this song was on Def Jam RapStar and you performed Chip Fu’s verse successfully then you’d definitely deserve a platinum trophy.

I first heard this song back in the day when Beavis and Butthead were on TV and they also seemed to like this song. If that isn’t a stamp of approval then I don’t know what is.

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