A New PlayStation Ad Teases An Upcoming Reveal

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Tonight, Sony unveiled a brand new PlayStation Ad that teases a forthcoming announcement scheduled for Friday, February 1st.

Upon looking at the short 16 second clip above, we quickly see sequences of a woman walking up a hill, ashes falling from the sky, and a camera cutting to a shot of a mysterious yellow eye opening. Many would safely assume that this is obviously a PlayStation 3 ad for Sony’s upcoming God of War: Ascension game. However, what if this could be an upcoming reveal for a God of War Vita game or perhaps the long awaited sequel to Heavenly Sword?

My safest bet would be to assume that this is God Of War: Ascension and that Sony will officially announce when the demo of the Single player campaign will hit PSN on the above date. Sony used a similar tactic when they released cryptic ads last year that eventually lead up to a commercial for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. February is already a jam-packed month for PlayStation because of the special event that is taking place at the end of the month.

With all this said, do you believe my GOW guess is correct or do you think this is another game being teased instead? Feel free to sound off in the comments below and let the speculation begin.

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