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Free Download: Action Bronson – “Blue Chips 2” Mixtape

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Action Bronson has released a brand new mixtape – “Blue Chips 2“.

This is Action Bronson’s sequel to his 2012 mixtape “Blue Chips“.

Guest appearances include Big Body Bes, Mac Miller, Mayhem Lauren and Black Hippy‘s Ab-Soul.

Blue Chips 2” was announced a few weeks back by Action Bronson on his Twitter account:

He has kept that promise and you can catch the tracklisting and download/stream below:

1. “Action Silverado”
2. “Intro” f. Big Body Bes
3. “Pepe Lopez”
4. “The Don s Cheek
5. “It Concerns Me”
6. “Practice”
7. “Jackson Travolta” f. Meyhem Lauren
8. “Through The Eyes Of A G” f. Ab-Soul
9. “Contemporary Man”
10. “Twin Peugots” f. Big Body Bes Mac Miller
11. “Man The Mirror”
12. “Midget Cough”
13. “It s Me”
14. “Flip Ya” f. Retchy P
15. “9.24.13” f. Big Body Bes
16. “Rolling Thunder”
17. “Amadu Diablo”
18. “The City” f. Jeff Woods
19. “I Adore You”

action bronson blue chips 2 cover
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