Check Out Valve’s Steam Machine Prototype

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Valve has released the first pictures of the prototype of their upcoming Steam Machine console, the device that can play your Steam PC games on your TV.

Thanks to a large report from The Verge we know that Valve will reveal consumer versions of the Steam Machine in January at CES and ship the consoles for mid 2014. The unit shown in the pictures above and below is said to be 12 inches long and 2.9 inches tall, there will be different versions with different processing power so the size might change with each version.

The Verge also got their hands on the controller, which uses a dual-trackpad instead of the traditional analog sticks. The controller seems to have a quite a steep learning curve but is very adjustable meaning that you can cater it for your needs.

I think the design of the console looks pretty nice, albeit very standard. It reminds me a lot of the Xbox 360 which certainly isn’t a bad thing, although after the interesting design of the controller I was expecting something a little more extravagant for the console design.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the Steam Machine, are you interested in getting one? Do you like the look of the design?

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