Hand-Pixelated Graphics Shine in Upcoming Adventure Game, Dropsy

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Most games are created using computer-generated or computer-aided graphics – even the simple ones. It saves time, but it sacrifices creativity in most cases. Dropsy is an upcoming genre-bending open-world adventure title with a focus on surreal atmospheric elements that hopes to offer something different. Players control the titular clown, Dropsy, who is part creepy and part sweet (okay, he kind of looks mostly creepy, actually).

The game’s creator, Jay Tholen, explains that, “Though its roots are in the point-and-click titles of old, Dropsy is an almost entirely text-free experience. There are still colorful characters to communicate with, but the dialogue is handled visually rather than linguistically. This also gives the game a bit of universal appeal as people who speak other languages can enjoy it fully.” Judging from the art style and presentation, I can confidently say that it looks just as unique as it sounds.

“The goal is to allow the player to discover the narrative at their own pace instead of spoon feeding them plot points,” Tholen elaborates, and I hope he succeeds. Dropsy really seems like a unique entry in the gaming space and I look forward to learning more about it. If you want more information as well, check out the game’s website here and don’t forget to support it over on Kickstarter. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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