Super Bowl XLVII Madden NFL 2013 Preview

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Super Bowl XLVII is fast approaching here in the United States, which is essentially a national holiday on the same level of Winter holidays like Christmas, New Year’s or anything else. Us Americans love us some football and we also love us some Madden. Madden NFL 2013 is one of the best entries in the long-running sports franchise that has released in recent memory (you can check out my review right here) and me and Richard Bailey Jr. wanted to do something special this year for the Super Bowl.

He took control of the San Francisco 49ers and I the Baltimore Ravens as we dove straight into a full Super Bowl XLVII preview with commentary throughout, half-time locker room inspirational speeches, epic music at the end and everything else you would expect from a AAA Hollywood football movie.

Super Bowl Brothers XLVII

Who will come out on top in the Super Bowl aka the Harbaugh Brothers Bowl aka the Harbowl? Who do you want to win in the actual Super Bowl? Check out our the highlights from the game above and enjoy the riveting comeback tale of the century.

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