Mist of Stagnation Hands-On Preview – SGC 2013

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Osiris Studios showed off their debut game, Mist of Stagnation, at this year’s ScrewAttack Game Convention. Set in a steampunk-inspired world, MoS is a team-based multiplayer-only first-person shooter for PC. The game was in very much alpha stages at SGC and it showed. After talking with the team members, I’m excited to learn more about this project and where it goes from here, but the lack of content that was fully realized at SGC was a bit disappointing.

Granted, it was still in very early stages, but judging from what I’ve played, it’s a little unclear what gameplay will even feel like. Many animations weren’t in the game yet, characters looked like black silhouettes and most textures appeared to be unfinished. With all of that being said, the ideas present and general direction are strong – so that’s a bright side. MoS builds upon its foundations as primarily an FPS action game, but also throws in several strategy elements into the mix.

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The big unique facet going for the game that sets it apart is the Commander. Players can don these large mech-suits (one is shown in the featured image up top) that allow them to dish out massive amounts of damage, as well as several commander-specific elements. The suits have a very organic set of system displays that try to get away from the idea of a game’s traditional HUD menu system. Instead, the developers want to give the sensation that things are displayed within the Commander’s screen in the game, not on your computer screen at home.

One of the best things they’re doing to accomplish this is the use of a real-time globe of the map that rotates and spins around inside the suit to reveal where objectives and players are located. From this globe, Commanders can then issue commands to players, which receive bonuses for following orders. Additionally, they can upgrade weapons and other components to improve their teams chances on the battlefield. I talked to the developers about my reservations with trying to “force” teamwork in an online multiplayer game and they seem to understand the risks involved. If the game is designed too heavily around the teamwork aspects, then I fear the players that just want to go off on their own and do what they want would lose interest quickly. In theory, a game based heavily on teamwork sounds great, but in execution, players enjoy playing the role of Rambo.


There weren’t really a whole lot of details on game modes at the convention and the story is next  to non-existent, as all of the work is going into the gameplay itself – which is a good thing for this type of game. The matches are split between two warring factions, neither of which are the “good” or the “bad” guys, they’re all just people fighting for something.

Mist of Stagnation is in very early stages of development and I don’t really think they should have shown it at a convention yet. It’s good that they are getting the word out and their booth was often busy at SGC, but I fear a lot of people will get the wrong impression since the game is so unfinished at present time. Without being able to even show a Commander in the game yet, left me feeling like it was “just another FPS” when I know from talking to them, that was not the plan at all. It sounds like they’re on the right track, but its tough to say how it will turn out yet.

Head over to Osiris Studios’ official website for more information. Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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