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The Gamers’ Guide to Valentine’s Day

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The week of Valentine’s Day: A frantic time where men and women raid the greeting card aisle, reserve that fancy restaurant downtown, and barricade the local flower shop down the street.

But what’s that you said? Your honey is a gamer?

The Koalition presents the gamers’ guide to Valentine’s Day. Plan out the perfect Valentine’s Day for your gamer boo and make them melt!


Set a Theme (600x58)


Every gamer has a favourite game. Use your Valentine’s favourite game as a base for your day! Research their favourite game, and enlighten yourself on why they love it. Your efforts will definitely be rewarded!


Customize their Greeting Card (600x71)


Greeting cards have become a staple to Valentine’s Day success. Why not create a special Valentine’s greeting card of your own? Custom greeting cards are inexpensive and can mean so much more than the generic one you’d find at a grocery store.

Create a Portal collage cover for your man. Add a quirky line from Saints Row for your wifey. The possibilities are endless!

Not sure what to write in your card? Here are a few lines to get you started:

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue.

[Name of Game] makes me happy,

Because it reminds me of you.

Or how about:

You’ve used your [Game Weapon] to get to my heart,

Got rid of the [Game Enemies] like a form of art.

I’ve fallen for you since we both pressed Start,

On this Valentine’s Day, we won’t be apart.

Cheesy, but oh so wonderful.


Get the Right Decor (600x69)


Swoon your lover with some game-themed décor. Here are some ideas:

  • Give them a flower bouquet of their favourite game’s theme colours
  • Add garlands of images from their favourite game around the home
  • Liven up the place with the soundtrack of their favourite game
  • Frame some images of their favourite game

ValentinesDayKoalition Ports

Portal dem flowers straight to her heart.


Wine and Dine (600x61)

Is she in love with Mario Party? Take her to an Italian restaurant. Is he into Prince of Persia? Lavish him with the best middle-eastern restaurant in town. The thought behind the gesture will be thoughtful and creative, and may even open your world to new food choices!

Baking together is always a great way to please your love as well. Check out my video on some gamer cookies. Who can say no to Lon Lon milk and Triforce cookies?


Gift them with Gamer Goodies (600x56)

Does your Valentine have enough games already? If so, gift them with apparel, accessories, plushies, and more! Gamer goodies are always a great gift for a special occasion.

If time and money are an issue, check out these simple gift ideas for your gamer:

  • Buy an inexpensive shirt or scarf and use t-shirt transfer paper to apply a video game design on it
  • Use your artistic abilities to paint a canvas image of your honey’s favourite video game
  • Set up a gaming session for you and your love. Get the console/PC ready, and have some snacks nearby
  • Write your Valentine a poem based on their favourite video game
  • Gift them a ‘message in a bottle’ with a personal message written to your Valentine. Once they level-up or beat a chapter in their favourite game, let them open it as a reward. Watch them blush as they read it.


Check by tomorrow for for part 2: The Gamers’ Guide to Valentine’s Day: Risqué Edition.


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