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The Gamers’ Guide to Valentine’s Day: Risqué Edition

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The Koalition brings you part 2 of The Gamer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day! Check out part 1 here.

Valentine’s Day with your honey gamer has so much potential. Seduce them with these risqué ideas.


Cosplay leads to Role-Play

Every gamer has a video game crush. Show your Valentine your wild side by dressing up as their in-game sweetheart!

And with sexy cosplay, comes sexy role-play. Act the night away as Nathan Drake. Dress up as Lightning and entice him all night. Use your sexy side for the ultimate gamer seduction.

Bonus points if you get them a costume to wear as well!

Valentines Day Koalition Drake Lightning (500x348)


Anna Valentines (250x500)





Strip-Tekken (or any other fighting game)

Versus games have become catalysts for earning bragging rights among friends and foes alike. These games can also add to an amazing erotic session between you and your lover.

The player who loses a match forfeits by taking off one piece of clothing. Simple, but delightfully rewarding.








Valentines MassEffect


Sexy Time with Mass Effect music (or any other video game soundtrack)

Video games have come a long way from 8-bit beats. Now, orchestrated symphonies reign supreme in some of the most successful video games of our time. Make love to your Valentine all night long with the music that speaks to your heart.


Winner gets a Sexy Treat

Love playing racing and fighting games? Want to compete in an epic strategy game? Lash it out and reep the rewards at the end. Winner after each game gets a sexy treat from their Valentine. You pick the treats, they get the satisfaction.


Remember to be safe! Happy Valentine’s Day from The Koalition!

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