The Breakdown 2 – The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Spoiler Discussion)

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This podcast is a spoiler discussion of The Walking Dead and its 400 Days DLC. Please do not listen unless you have beaten both or prepare to have the experience spoiled for you.

In our second episode of The Breakdown we put the spotlight on TellTale’s The Walking Dead: 400 Days downloadable-content. The DLC was released almost two weeks ago, and it has so far received mixed reactions. Many were hoping that 400 Days would answer some of the questions surrounding the ending of Season 1, but unfortunately this content designed to introduce us to new characters (minus the one unfortunate cameo appearance).

The Walking Dead 400 Days, Vince on the prison bus.

So if you’ve beat both The Walking Dead and the 400 Days DLC like us, take a listen to see how we felt about it. We share our overall views of the game, and discuss the ending in length. We reveal which decisions we made, and how our endings differed based on those choices. We speak out on character flaws, and which characters we felt were portrayed the best. And finally we speculate on how the ending of 400 days could tie into The Walking Dead season 2, due for release this fall.

Be share to share your own thoughts on 400 Days in the comments below. Also we would love to hear suggestions on which games you would like us to Breakdown next. If you haven’t yet then check out our official review here.

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