Tomb Raider Stats Show You All Hate Deer

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Square Enix have released a bunch of interesting statistics from Tomb Raider and the results are clear, you all hate deer and love fire arrows.

Below you will find all of the stats released so far, you can find the original blog post here.

So far over 5,000,000 deer have been killed, that’s an awful lot of deer, I know you have to kill one in the story but come on!
As well as the deer it appears that over 1.4 million crabs have been killed, looks like a lot of people were after that achievement.


As well as killing animals a lot of people managed to escape near death, and 11 million enemies were dodged. I’m not surprised there were so many near deaths considering how many wolves you have to escape.


The next stats are probably the most interesting, a massive 147 million enemies have been killed just by arrows, with 20 million from fire arrows.


Finally it has been revealed that over 3 million tombs have been raided, which let’s be fair isn’t actually that many tombs considering the title of the game.


That’s a quick run down of the stats revealed so far, hopefully we get some more soon as they were pretty interesting. Now get going and shoot some more deer.
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