Abuse the Power of Censorship in The Westport Independent

This is nothing like The Koalition

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If Papers, Please failed to satiate your appetite for difficult decisions, then you may be interested in Double Zero One Zero’s “censorship simulator”, The Westport Independent. While the game has been planned for PC and Android devices, the studio recently revealed its plans to bring the game to iOS devices, although it hasn’t revealed a concrete release date for any of the intended platforms.

Players take on the role of a managing editor of the eponymous paper, The Westport Independent. The catch is that the game is not about preserving your journalistic integrity; rather, players can abuse the power of censorship in order to influence politics and move papers.

“Throughout the game, you will censor articles, pick out headlines and layout your paper. Your actions will affect the peoples opinion of both the rebels and the Loyalist government,” said Double Zero One Zero’s Pontus Lundén.

Double Zero One Zero also released a trailer which you can view below. Unfortunately, the team hasn’t revealed a release date for their censorship simulator, but we’ll keep you posted when the do.

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