Forza Horizon 2 Coming To Xbox One and 360 in Fall 2014

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Forza Horizon 2, the successful spin-off to popular racing series Forza, has today been announced. According to IGN the game will be coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this fall and will take place in Southern Europe.

“[Turn 10 and Playground] share this belief that we can create a true home for racing fans on Xbox One,” said Horizon 2 creative director Ralph Fulton.

In making the leap to Xbox One, Forza Horizon 2 will include hundreds of cars, according to Playground Games, headlined by the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán. A long-awaited weather system will also make its Forza debut, while Forza 5’s Drivatar system is also being adapted for Horizon 2.”

I really enjoying my time with the first Forza Horizon so hearing that a sequel is coming so soon is very exciting, I do however wish that the game would have been only on the Xbox One. I can’t help but feel the the game being on the 360 will hold the game back a bit. Hopefully we get more details about the game soon and I’m sure we will see some gameplay footage at E3 next week.


Forza Horizon 2 coming to Xbox One and 360 in Fall 2014.

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