Hammerwatch, Gunpoint and More in Humble Indie Bundle 12

No need to be so humble, Indie Bundle

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The Humble Indie Bundle has revealed its twelfth bundle yet, and it once again features plenty of good games at a price you can’t beat: whatever you want.

Actually, there are certain tiers of payment that will earn you more games. Regardless of how much you pay, you’ll receive SteamWorld Dig, Hammerwatch and Gunpoint. Should you opt to pay the minimum $7.82, you’ll also get Papers, Please, Gone Home and Luftrausers. You can also donate up to $65 for an issue of the Humble Indie Bundle Magazine, a crest based off Papers, Please’s Arzotska and more goodies.

All of the proceeds are split between the developers, charity (Child’s Play) and Humble Indie Bundle’s organizers. Hit the trailer for full details.

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