Melvin Burch – Home For Infinite Losers [Album Stream]

The start of what I’ve been waiting for. A step in the direction I want to head. A reconciliation. A fun time. A few things off of my heart. A good a time as any. A greater time than any. A new collection of music from Melvin Burch.

Written, produced, recorded, and mixed by me, except where noted.

😀 Happy Birthday, Mom!

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of Melvin Burch via music for a good while now and beyond time you all get to experience his artistry as well. Here’s a name-your-price project titled Home For Infinite Losers. First Impression will be coming soon.

Oh. And you may or may not get Rick Roll’d during your listen. Also, check out insight from the artist himself as he explains some of the creative process and inspiration. Enjoy!

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