N-Fusion Interactive Releases Screenshots for Space Noir

I've seen the edge of space; it looks like Space Noir

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N-Fusion Interactive has journeyed to the edge of space, and they’ve returned with screenshots of their upcoming game, Space Noir. The team designed the game for PC and tablet devices. While there isn’t a concrete date, the game is slated for a summer release.

Space Noir is an action adventure game that follows the story of space mercenary Hal Markham along with his AI partner Al-Rhonda. As per noir tradition, the two have stumbled upon a mystery that runs deeper than anyone could imagine. Together, they will journey across five different planets, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, firefights, and aerial dogfights along the way.

Space Noir’s screenshots depict a high-tech society drenched in the dark atmosphere that is associated with noir. It looks spectacular, as if Mass Effect had a noir spin-off; however, I do think each planet looks a little to similar to one another. But you can judge for yourselves by scrolling down to see the screenshots.


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